Procurement Leaders is excited to announce the launch of the “I am a Procurement Leader” campaign. Throughout the campaign, we will be exploring what good leadership looks like, current leadership trends in the function and how leading companies are fostering future leaders.

Members of the procurement community are encouraged to participate in the campaign by sharing their thoughts, efforts, strategy and ambitions surrounding procurement leadership. Join us in celebrating the hard working leaders within procurement by highlighting your function’s own leaders while advocating procurement within your organization.
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Five procurement executives from pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca talk careers, leadership and share advice on how to reach the top positions. Talent development at AstraZeneca Talent development at AstraZeneca
Procurement executives from a range of different industries, companies and at various different levels within the function answer questions on leadership and individual growth. Demonstrating leadership potential

Four procurement executives from consumer goods giant talk careers, leadership and share their advice on reaching the top jobs. Kimberly-Clark: The leadership pipeline

It seems to me that no two procurement transformations are the same, but that there are certain common elements that need to be in place.
Leading Through Transformation
Stepping into a procurement-based role for the first time, David Wyer says the function should take a long, hard look in the mirror if its really wants to make an impression on the business.
Procurement Needs A Different Perspective
Love or hate the process, at some point in your career you will be at the centre of a procurement transformation. Here, Saudi Telecom’s Zahid Munir, shares his top tips on the skills you need to make a transformation a success.
Five Leadership Skills For A Successful Transformation
Whether accepting a project role or a buyer’s role in procurement or whether your career started in another function it does not matter too much as long as you have defined for yourselves a clear future road map to become ultimate the procurement leader (CPO) or even beyond.
Leadership On The Edge
CPOs face one of the most complex roles in an organisation and in order to fulfil this expectation to deliver ‘procurement extraordinaire’ within an uncertain business climate, tomorrow’s function heads will need to work on developing the following skills:
Ten Challenges For Future Leaders In Procurement
Celebrating procurement’s elite

Procurement leaders don’t just pave the way for the function and lead project success, in May, they celebrated procurement excellence at the Procurement Leaders Awards with some even taking home coveted trophies!

Take a look at the fun pictures from the 2015 Procurement Leaders Awards taken in the “I am a procurement leader” photo booth.

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Analyses and infographics will be developed from the poll findings that explore:
  • Characteristics of leaders in the function
  • Skills the next generation of procurement leaders need
  • How functions identify and foster leaders
  • People who inspire leaders, and how they do so
  • At what point do leadership skills become critical in procurement

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