The course addresses common procurement skills gaps identified by CPOs to help talented procurement professionals advance to senior leadership roles.


The teaching environment offers a unique opportunity to network and learn with peers from a range of sectors, countries and procurement maturity levels. This combination provides an interesting mix to gain direct, independent and honest feedback from a variety of levels while fostering an environment for bouncing ideas off the other to identify new ideas and ways of driving the function forward.

The Mini MBA is ideally suited for candidates who are:

  • Passionate about advancing the function and motivated in progressing to a senior leadership position
  • High-potentials who want to have a bigger impact on the wider organization
  • Motivated professionals looking to refine procurement's value proposition to raise the function's profile internally
  • Driven individuals who can make an impact on the function by implementing strategies learned on the course

Core Candidate Attributes:

  1. Procurement Proficiency:  Candidates should have a solid understanding of the concepts and workings of a procurement function in a complex business setting.  This would include elements such as strategic sourcing, diagnostics, sourcing strategies, category management, should-cost, supplier relationship management, etc.
  2. Senior Procurement Responsibilities:  Candidates should be either in a senior position within the organisation or viewed as a high potential, being in a position of sufficient size, scope and complexity that prepares them for the CPO role within the next 2 years.  In either case, the candidate should have frequent interaction with C-Suite executives of the organisation, providing them with exposure to the company’s business strategies, priorities, challenges and cultural complexities.
  3. Extensive Spend Coverage and Complexity:  Candidates should have a broad level of exposure to different areas of spend (products, services and infrastructure).  The broader the scope and complexity, the better prepared the candidate will be for contributing to and learning from the programme environment.
  4. Established Managerial Responsibilities:  Candidates should be an established manager of staff within the procurement function.  The broader the size and scope of staff activities, the better suited the candidate will be for programme discussions on implementation challenges.
  5. Leader in Stakeholder Engagement, Organisational Alignment, and Leading Change: Candidates should have a minimum of two years senior responsibility, interacting with a variety of business and supply community stakeholders on complex elements of business change.  This important attribute prepares the candidate to openly discuss with other participants in the programme the challenges of communication, influence, persuasion and building trust.


Selected Programme Deliverables:

  1. The ability to generate strategic business proposals with a strong procurement focus
  2. Enhanced Communication and Presentation Effectiveness
  3. Greater Effectiveness in Managing Critical Situations, Change and Transformational Undertakings
  4. Improved Communication Effectiveness with the C-Suite (especially the CFO)
  5. Clearer Personal Insights on Areas of Improvement to Prepare Candidate for Greater Leadership Role in Procurement
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