Ovation 2017

Coworth Park

Ascot, England
July 13-14, 2017

8 July

* Agenda subject to change

We encourage guests to arrive at Ovation the day before to allow for a prompt start on day 1. Those who do so are welcome to take advantage of the venue’s world-class facilities, and we have secured golf tee-off times as well as use of the spa.

20:00 - 22:00

Networking Drinks


Ovation guests are welcome to join other attendees and members of the Ovation team for drinks on the evening before the event.

9 July

* Agenda subject to change

08:00 - 09:00

Networking Breakfast

09:00 - 09:10

Welcome and event introduction

David Rae

Content & Community Director, Procurement Leaders

09:10 - 09:20

Chairman’s welcome

John Paterson

Former CPO of IBM and Procurement Leaders Advisory Board chairman

09:20 - 10:00

Fostering a culture of innovation

Ulrich Weinberg

Director of the Hasso Plattner Institute School of Design Thinking

A spin off from the famous d.school at Stanford University, California, the School of Design Thinking is focused on unlocking innovation through social and collaborative techniques. In this session, Ulrich will take guests on a journey into how complex organisations and third parties can foster a culture of innovation.

10.00 - 10:40

Procurement’s changing role

Craig Muhlhauser

President and CEO, Celestica

In this session, CEO of Canadian electronics giant Craig Muhlhauser will describe how his procurement organisation is playing a crucial role in linking the needs of his business and, more importantly, his clients with capability that exists in the supply chain. He paints a picture of how procurement has become a conduit for new capability and innovation.

10.40 - 11:00

Q&A & open discussion

Building on the key issues raised in the first two sessions, event chairman John Paterson will manage an open Q&A session, addressing the key messages of the morning.


11:00 - 11:30

Networking break

11:30 - 12:00

Supplier-enabled innovation: A case study

Karina Larsen O’Halloran

Executive Director, Head of Global Innovation Sourcing, Johnson & Johnson Consumer

As head of J&J’s Supplier-Enabled Innovation programme, Karina will provide an honest and frank assessment of SEI, and share what works and what doesn’t work so well.

12:00 - 12:15

Questions and group discussion


12:15 - 13:45

Networking lunch

13:45 - 14:15

Decoding supplier-enabled innovation

Jonathan Webb

Head of Strategy Research, Procurement Leaders

Following months of intensive research and interviews, Procurement Leaders will unveil its ground-breaking study into supplier-enabled innovation. Guests will be provided with a hard copy of the report and be taken through key findings on the capabilities required to succeed in this complex area.

14:15 - 14:45

Exploring innovation approaches

Stefan Lindegaard

Author, strategic advisor & founder, 15inno

As founder of 15inno, Stefan Lindegaard has authored several books on innovation and open innovation and regularly works with corporates on their innovation strategies. In this session, he will provide a view of the practical approaches to managing an innovation programme and offer an external view on the results of the Procurement Leaders Supplier-Enabled Innovation Study.


14:45 - 15:30

Open discussion

Guests will be tasked with sharing their approaches to SEI, and suggesting ways in which procurement functions can best harness the capabilities and opportunities that exist in the supply base.

15:30 - 15:45

Chairman’s summary

John Paterson

Former CPO of IBM and Procurement Leaders Advisory Board chairman

15:45 - 19:00

Free time

Guests will be given the opportunity to continue their discussions informally, in smaller groups; or take advantage of the hotel facilities.

19:00 - 20:00

Pre-dinner drinks

Guests are invited to congregate for cocktails, and will be given the opportunity to learn all about - as well as sample - some of Ireland’s most famous whiskies.

20:00 - 22:30

Networking dinner

10th July

* Agenda subject to change

08:00 - 09:00


09:00 - 09:10

Chairman’s recap

John Paterson

Former CPO of IBM and Procurement Leaders Advisory Board chairman

09:10 - 09:45

Deception Detection

Pamela Meyer


Pamela is the world’s foremost expert on deception detection, an internet entrepreneur and author. With millions of views on TED, a regular column in the Huffington Post, a best-selling book and a Harvard MBA behind her, Pamela will take guests on a fascinating journey into the intricacies of lie detection and its importance in managing everyday scenarios - both business and personal.

09:45 - 10:00

Q&A with Pamela Meyer

10:00 - 10:30

Procurement and finance: A debate


David Rae, Content & Community Editor, Procurement Leaders


- Daniel Schmand, Head of Trade Finance and Cash Management Corporates, EMEA
and Global Coordinator of the Trade Finance Committee, Deutsche Bank

- Detlef Schultz, CEO, Vodafone Procurement Company

- Christian Swahn, VP Purchasing, SKF Group

Procurement is in an ideal position to offer value through innovative financial strategies far beyond traditional tools such as extending payment terms. Indeed, to ensure relationships with suppliers are maintained at an optimal level, modern finance tools can offer a significant advantage.


During this panel discussion, CPOs will discuss the types of financial techniques used by leading procurement organisations, including:

  • Supply chain finance and other tools
  • Tax-efficient procurement functions
  • Working-capital management


10:30 - 11:00

Networking break

11:00 - 11:45

Big data, smart cities and the internet of things

As head of the Centre of Telecommunications Research and a founding director of Worldsensing, Mischa Dohler, is one of the world’s foremost experts in such emerging technologies as 5G Networks, Internet of Things, the Tactile Internet and Big Data and how technology is driving societal trends such as Smart Cities. With a clear impact for business and the supply chain, Mischa will offer his view of how revolutions in communications and technology will impact procurement.

11:45 - 12:00

Q&A with Mischa Dohler

12.00 - 13:00

Networking lunch

13:00 - 14:45

Thinktank: The future of procurement

Hosted by Eva Milko, VP Product Development, Procurement Leaders

What will the CPO of the future look like? What capabilities and skills will they need to ensure success? What will they be measured on and how will the bring value to the organisation? During this session, guests will investigate and discuss the emerging trends that will define what procurement becomes in a decade’s time.


14:45 - 15:30

Punk Economics

David McWilliams, Author & Economist

With an alternative look at macro economics and the global business outlook, author and economist David McWilliams will offer guests a refreshing insight into our world. From banking secrecy and corruption, to commodity and currency volatility and the rise and fall of emerging markets.


15:30 - 15:45

Chairman’s summary, learnings and group takeaways

Guests will spend the final part of the day swapping thoughts about the two days of high-level debate and presentations.

John Paterson

Former CPO of IBM and Procurement Leaders Advisory Board chairman

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