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BravoSolution is a leading global strategic procurement solution provider.  BravoSolution is trusted by many of the world’s largest and most successful companies, and recognised by key industry influencers as one of the top procurement suites available today. Our procurement technology platform BravoAdvantage and practitioner experience help more than 600 companies in over 70 countries unlock the power of procurement to drive financial performance, develop procurement

Top Tips to Make Your Procurement Suite RFP Stress Free
It’s not every day that we are tasked with finding a procurement suite to meet the organization’s strategic goals. To help you overcome this challenge, we’ve compiled this list of the top four frequently overlooked areas that you should consider when choosing a procurement suite.
Putting Suppliers at the Centre of Your Organisation
In this briefing paper, we consider the importance of suppliers to almost every organisation, and look at how procurement professionals can ensure they are doing everything they can to maximise the value generated for the organisation by these suppliers.
Quick Wins for the New Procurement Leader
In this briefing paper, we look at why it is important for new procurement leaders, in whatever leadership role they hold, to focus on demonstrating some “quick wins” in their relatively early days in the job.
Risk Management in the Supply Chain: Reputational Risk
In this mini case study we look at the notion of Reputational Risk and how it can impact your organisation.
Risk Management in the Supply Chain: Obsolescence Risk
In this mini case study we address the concept of Obsolescence Risk and the importance of innovation to your organization.
Risk Management in the Supply Chain: Contract Performance Risk
In this mini case study we look at Contract Performance Risk and why supplier management is crucial to avoid spiralling costs, inefficiencies and supply chain issues.
Risk Management in the Supply Chain: Disaster Risk
In this mini case study we look at Disaster Risk and how failings in your supply chain can cause catastrophe to the public and your organization.
Ten Steps to Unlock the Power of Procurement
The world has moved beyond conventional procurement where reactive, scattered procurement teams are narrowly focused on spend management, savings and transaction management. It’s time to move to ‘Unlocked Procurement’ that promotes collaboration, innovation and brings sustainable value to those strategic suppliers that enhance your revenue and profitability.
New Approaches to Procurement Negotiation
Dr Daniel Kahneman and Behavioural Psychology Suggest Some Winning Techniques
Unlock More Procurement Value
Many Chief Procurement Officers (CPOs) and their departments currently find themselves at a crossroads, struggling to maintain their momentum while the speed and complexity of their businesses continue to accelerate. While the foundation of procurement’s future will be built upon the past, the strategies and approaches that drive new successes will be markedly different. This report looks at the transformative strategies that will unlock procurement’s next wave of value.
The 9 Habits of Highly-Effective Procurement Organisations
Secrets of Success from the Best Procurement Teams in the World
Top 10 Trends For Supply Management Value Generation in 2015
One year ago, noting that the average company is sitting on a goldmine of untapped savings opportunities, we presented the top 10 technologies an organization can employ to identify its top savings opportunities.
The Financial CPO
Earnings-per-share and return on invested capital are the type of metric that keep CEOs and investors motivated, and procurement, like all business units, must optimise their performance. But without informed use of modern sourcing techniques and technology, from digital dashboards to spend analysis, this will remain a pipe dream. The Financial CPO will explore the techniques that top organisations are using in order to understand what separates the leaders from the laggards.
Three Occasions When Procurement Should Spend More
Procurement and senior executives who manage procurement are often overly fixated on savings and unit cost reduction. This is not only short sighted; it can drive perverse outcomes and does not begin to exploit the value that procurement can bring.
Creating Effective Supplier Scorecards
Supplier scorecards can be effective in managing and improving supplier performance. They have evolved from being used primarily by manufacturers to being widely accepted and adopted in service industries and organizations as well.
Changing Roles of the Procurement Leader: The Analytical CPO
The business world constantly changes, so procurement leaders have to change with it. While much of the recent focus has been on the need for procurement professionals to develop strong interpersonal skills, we’ve been observing another trend that is driving somewhat different needs.
Building a Business Case For Contract Management Part 3 - Improved Risk Management
The third and final part in our series of three thought leadership papers around building a business case for contract management
Contract Management - Part Two - Identifying Opportunities
This is the second paper in a series of three looking at how executives can make a compelling business case for investment to improve contract management performance in their organisations.
Our Only Security is our Ability to Change
10 Best Practices for Managing Change Across the Supply Chain
Beyond Cost Savings: Procurement’s Role in Driving Increased Company Valuation
At a time when many companies are facing tough economic trials and the harsh reality that growing sales is becoming more challenging than ever before, many CEOs are realizing that CPOs and their procurement department can play a vital role in delivering exceptional bottom line results.
Top Ten Things To Do in 2013 To Control Costs
Costs are rising and will likely continue to do so. There are many reasons for this, some obvious, some less so. Regardless of the reasons, it’s likely that many organizations have to act now before it’s too late, as the chances of hyperinflation are always higher after a prolonged period of stable inflation. In this paper, we will discuss the top 7 reasons that costs are rising, outline the top 7 weaknesses in an average organization that exposes them to market risk, and the top 10 things an
Keeping Score: Procurement Performance and Strategies for Success
This independent research study seeks to present a comprehensive industry-wide view into what is happening in the world of procurement today by drawing on the experience, performance, and perspective of more than 270 Chief Procurement Officers and other procurement executives.
Five Reasons Why Projects Fail (and how to prevent them)
Chief procurement officers have been attempting to shift procurement from a tactical, execution-based function to a strategic business driver for years. Easier said than done. For most procurement teams, the mandate is more than a shift, it’s a transformation. And the path to success is littered with roadblocks.
Contract Management – Part One
This paper is the first in a short series of three which will look at the business case for organisations to invest in Contract Management resource, tools and technology. We are defining Contract Management as activities post-contract award that are connected with the delivery of the goods, services or works defined in the contract.