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Genpact has over 70 delivery centers across 18 countries


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Genpact has a presence across North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and Middle East and Africa. For a complete list, please refer to 


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Genpact’s Source to Pay Practice serves more than 50 blue-chip clients across industry verticals such as life sciences, consumer goods and retail, high tech, banking, financial services, insurance, capital markets, healthcare, manufacturing and services. Genpact manages an aggregate spend of over US$50 billion annually across these industries.


Genpact’s Source to Pay Practice focuses on three main areas:

  • Procurement strategy and transformation
  • Sourcing and supplier management
  • Procurement operations


Procurement Outsourcing

Genpact designs, transforms, and runs procurement functions for global enterprises. With deep industry experience and ex-CPOs within our team, we partner with clients through their transformation journeys from strategy development and operating model implementation to strategic sourcing, and operational delivery and improvement.


Our extensive expertise and insights across all indirect spend categories enable us to provide a full range of category management services tailored to an

How to succeed with digital: views from procurement executives
While enterprises, including procurement functions, predict significant impact from digital, they face barriers that digital leaders have overcome.
How to leapfrog the GBS maturity curve: The four contradictory challenges to overcome
As procurement functions are commonly included in global business services (GBS), we examine how organizations can move beyond cost savings to meet their business’ needs for greater agility, risk management and growth. But first they must address four seemingly contradictory challenges.
Delivering robust third-party risk management: The role of digital technologies
Global companies need better visibility of the risks associated with the third parties they work with, and an integrated response capability that engages multiple stakeholders. An ideal third-party risk management framework leverages domain expertise, leading digital technologies and analytics to enhance visibility and risk coverage.
Aligning procurement and finance to drive business impact
If organizations run procurement and finance as separate operational entities they risk high inefficiency, limited spend control and poor supplier relations. This paper uncovers the benefits from greater integration between both functions, and offers four levers to help unlock value from procure to pay.
Great visibility from small data: How to prioritize investment in master data
Few organizations have aligned their master data management (MDM) initiatives to business outcomes. Genpact’s research indicates where core business functions, including procurement, should focus their efforts for maximum impact.
Enhanced strategic sourcing and spend control save $7.7 million in 7 months
By overhauling its procurement function and increasing its strategic sourcing expertise, a global financial services firm significantly improved spend control and demand visibility in just seven months. Read the full story.
Source to pay transformation to generate savings of $19 million for a major financial information fi...
Faced with limited spend control and decentralized operations, a major financial information firm launched a global sourcing and procurement transformation program to drive savings in indirect spend. Find out how strong category management, process reengineering and tactical buying are generating $19m in savings for the firm.
Master Data Management: Seven levers that will make a difference to the CEO
Poor master data management (MDM) hinders your ability to analyse spend, negotiate contracts, improve supplier relations and reduce vendor risk. By adopting these seven levers, your organization can deliver robust, cross-functional MDM that makes a difference to procurement and the office of the CEO.
The Coming Regulatory Wave: Vendor risk management
A new compliance risk is looming, and most businesses are not yet ready for it. With CXOs focused on many burning issues, vendor risk management (VRM) has not been a priority beyond attention to price and quality. That needs to change, and quickly, because the regulators—and the related enforcement bodies—are becoming more aggressive.
Transforming procurement operations through advanced operating models
Procurement executives believe there is untapped potential for advanced operating models to address the top enterprise challenges
The Changing Face of Business Collaboration
Collaboration remains an often-untapped key to competitive advantage, buried in enterprises’ organizational ’backyard’. A Unified Collaboration framework that takes culture and human behavior into account, and drives technology decisions with a clear focus on business outcome, can deliver significant impact.
Models for an aligned function
Though the journey of a function from one structure to another might be an individual process, the drivers and the challenges are often familiar to experienced CPOs, reports David Rae from a roundtable event with key figures in London.
Higher eSourcing adoption and better processes produce incremental savings of $40–60 million and 47%...
Pressure from generic drug manufacturers and mounting research costs prompted a leading pharmaceutical company to implement an ambitious eSourcing initiative that would automate and standardize sourcing processes and implement best practices to drive more savings. However, due to low initial adoption rates, the company requested Genpact’s assistance in implementing best practices that would help the client maximize return on investment (ROI). Genpact conducted an in-depth study of the client’s
40% reduction in contract cycle time and 125% increase in spend under contracts through adoption of ...
A global pharmaceutical company had limited visibility into the management of procurement contracts. Genpact’s Source to Pay solution helped the company make better use of its existing e-contract management tools, provided visibility into more than 24,000 contracts, reduced the contract cycle time from draft to execution by 40%, and increased spend under contract by 125%.
Pharmaceutical manufacturer’s tactical procurement overhaul brings first-year savings of US$3 millio...
This European pharmaceutical manufacturer—one of the top five in the world—was dealing with a high number of vendors. Along with an growing number of new suppliers, many thousands of small purchase orders (POs) were with non-contracted suppliers, making contract compliance problematic, thanks to intensive data-management challenges and low levels of automation. Genpact set up a dedicated procurement team to negotiate POs. Over six quarters, the team achieved rapid savings and a sharp decrease
Supply Chain Analytics
Supply chain excellence is a powerful competitive advantage in a global marketplace. Thousands of miles away from customers, hundreds of turbulent events create volatility in supply markets, affecting material and service availability and costs. Creating strategic advantage amidst these unstable environments requires realtime performance visibility and insight.
“Industrialization” of sourcing and procurement operations
The sourcing and procurement function is increasingly mandated to contribute to the growth and agility necessary in these volatile and uncertain times. Its current operating models are, however, seldom able to deliver on these expectations—often lacking enough resources to tackle at scale emerging challenges, such as analyzing global and fragmented supply chain risks, as well as enabling frequent changes of company “perimeter” brought on by geographic expansion, M&A, and so on.
Tactical buying as a transformational cost lever in high-tech: Surprising opportunities and savings
While Chief Procurement Officers (CPOs) remain under relentless pressure to show sustainable savings, most procurement organizations overlook the bottom of the spend food chain. Tactical buying is an opportunity for procurement organizations to transform the way they approach lower-end spend for game-changing results.
Pull these! Five essential procurement transformation levers
Many global businesses have achieved impressive savings and efficiencies through procurement outsourcing, leveraging labor arbitrage, and the ability of service providers to “do more with less.” But this is no longer enough. Companies seeking to reach the next level in performance must challenge themselves and their service providers to fundamentally transform the procurement function. This paper identifies five essential procurement levers for achieving a step change in total cost of ownership
Building a centralized procurement center: How to standardize processes and increase compliance duri...
One of the world’s largest crude oil and natural gas energy companies partnered with Genpact to undertake a three-year ERP migration and process standardization program. Procurement and supply chain improvements resulted in increased compliance and data/process standardization across multiple regions and business units. The client’s key was cost management while managing risk and compliance, along with a successful change management program.
Leveraging the Five Levers of Procurement Transformation for Discontinuous Cost Reduction
Many global businesses have achieved impressive savings and efficiencies through procurement outsourcing, leveraging labor arbitrage and the ability of service providers to “do more with less.” However, this approach no longer suffices. Intelligent enterprises seeking the next level in performance must challenge themselves and their service providers to fundamentally transform the procurement function.
BPM Success Book 2013
Genpact’s smarter, more effective global sourcing structure provides $8.72 million ‘direct’ spend savings for a manufacturing client.
Leveraging “Game Theory” in strategic sourcing
Transaction models such as e-auctions or online marketplaces have expanded buyers’ toolkits. Some of the most sophisticated tools come from game theory. Although their source is an established body of academic literature, the research findings are not being applied to full effect in business.
Leveraging "Game Theory" in strategic sourcing
Transaction models such as e-auctions or online marketplaces have expanded buyers’ toolkits. Some of the most sophisticated tools come from game theory. Although their source is an established body of academic literature, the research findings are not being applied to full effect in business. One reason the theory has such potential is the way it models conflicting and cooperating goals that vie for influence in transaction negotiations. Where academic research regards these as abstract
Genpact’s smarter, more effective global sourcing structure provides $8.72 million ‘direct’ spend sa...
A leading energy equipment manufacturer wanted to manage equipment outages more effectively, at a lower cost, and thereby serve customers better and faster across the globe.
Genpact delivers a bottom line impact
with 12% savings of the addressable spend for a global energy company, by deploying smarter sourcing and spend management strategies and ensuring compliant processes globally.
Improved compliance and risk mitigation through effective master data management
A Fortune Global 500 oil and gas enterprise needed to strengthen its compliance and safety controls while preparing for a complex global ERP migration and process standardization.
$4.25 million Annual Savings from “Smarter” Sourcing and Designs for Global Solar Equipment Manufact...
A U.S. based global solar photovoltaic (PV) manufacturer was aggressively expanding its business into new markets in India, Africa, Australia, South Europe, and the Middle East.
Are you measuring the right metrics to optimize logistics processes?
The significance of logistics and related activities in physical distribution of materials is well acknowledged. However, there is a growing need to focus on how logistics and other operational activities can be made more effective.
Five Key Insights for Supply Chain Executives to Drive Effective Inventory Management Processes
Global manufacturing enterprises deal with complex and compelling challenges, which include economic volatility, fluctuating commodity prices, supply chain inefficiencies and increasing customer expectations.
A bigger deal than you think
Amid all the talk and hype about the importance of social media to modern commerce, one term should resonate with every executive: corporate social responsibility (CSR). Companies who ignore it do so at their peril.
Toward a More Intelligent Enterprise: Reaping Savings from Tail-End Spend
Recent economic turmoil has forced companies around the world to re-evaluate and optimize their organizational approach to managing spend. Companies willing to innovate to retain their competitive edge—what Genpact calls intelligent enterprises—are increasing effectiveness in their procurement processes through new cost reduction methodologies.
"Direct" Spend Management: Optimizing spend and increasing direct material availability
In the last few years since the Great Recession, organizations have attempted to optimize supply chain operations and position themselves for growth over the next 3-5 years. This includes tapping “low-hanging fruit” in the optimization journey, largely in the indirect sourcing transactional services such as logistics. Procuring “direct” material, however, seems to be a relatively untapped opportunity for organizations to continue optimizing their supply chains. Inevitably, companies can benefit
Tips for the intelligent enterprise: 7 procurement outsourcing myths, demystified
In recent times, misunderstandings about why, when and what to outsource have increased in the procurement outsourcing (PO) space, creating gaps between customer expectations and actual outcomes.