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With more than 100 consultants across EMEA, Argon Consulting has established itself as a leading provider of Supply Chain Management Consulting. From our offices in London and Paris along with our partners in Asia and North America, we are able to serve our clients’ complex supply chain issues across the globe.


Our Procurement services are comprehensive, ranging from strategy development to sourcing to capabilities development. Our unique target costing tools assist our clients to

Delivering sustainable procurement benefits
The entire procurement profession is in danger of being trapped in a downwards spiral; unable to deploy strategic supply chain capabilities because of lack of resource and senior management buy-in, but forced to chase ever more elusive short term cost reductions. This article exams what CPOs need to focus on to ensure that the procurement function thrives.
Facilities Management Transformation: Improved cost control and customer service through supply base...
Provision of facilities management services for residential and commercial properties is a complex undertaking which requires 24/7 coverage across numerous geographies and trades. This White Paper describes how Argon assisted a client to reduce a supply base of 900 FM contractors to fewer than 60 whilst improving customer service and reducing complexity and cost.
Lean Six Sigma and supplier relationship management: a winning combination for value creation
Time is money, and this is never truer than in Facilities Management (FM). On a recent assignment with FM suppliers of a major UK property management company, we discovered a great deal of non-value added time was being incurred by the suppliers’ field personnel while servicing fire and security systems. Through a fact-based and systematic analysis we were able to implement improvements that reduced supplier costs by 25% while improving service levels.
Creating Cash & Agility Through Working Capital Optimization - by Argon Consulting
In this whitepaper Argon Consulting explain how they helped A.T. Cross to develop a strategy to reduce inventory and to improve customer service levels.
“Should Cost Analysis” : A Powerful and Versatile Category Management Tool
“Do you know what your goods or services should cost?” It is a question that is often far easier to ask than to answer. In fact, the answer can be like a double edge sword. If you answer “yes”, you will likely be asked to provide it. If you answer “no”, then you expose yourself to next question…..”Shouldn’t you know?”
Best Practice Category Management: Consulting & Contractor Services
Argon Consulting’s extensive experience in all aspects Consulting and Contractor Services procurement has provided us to with a rich point of view with which we have written this White Paper. We recognize that while management of Consulting and Contractor Services can be complex, one can tailor procurement practices to address the business specific nuances and requirements of this challenging category.
Call to Action – Procurement Risk Management
Procurement professionals have come to expect cost reduction as their primary “raison d’etre” in order to improve profitability and competitiveness. However management of risk and uncertainty are increasingly becoming a key area of focus for procurement professionals as most industries are facing economic, supply and quality threats.”