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Specialist Services:

  • Source-to-pay advisory and implementation
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Contract Management
  • Operational Procurement
  • Invoice Management

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Number of offices worldwide:
2 - United Kingdom & United States


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Key clients: 

Aryzta, Honda, Lloyds Banking Group, Maersk Oil, Dentaquest, Mercury Engineering, Nissan, Sony, Subsea7, VISA Europe, Veolia

ExceleratedS2P assists organisations to become best-in-class sourcing, procurement and finance functions through our advisory, implementation and optimisation services. Our focused services will enable an organisation to increase control and compliance in the end to end process which will lead to reduced costs and improved measurable and sustainable performance.


Our innovative solutions are based on best practices and a wealth of experience and will allow organisations to advance on the

Procurement technology: are you exploiting the full potential of your investment?
An exploration of how organisations can transform their procurement function and achieve strategic ambitions. In this white paper we explore the potential benefits of procurement technology and then consider why so few organisations achieve the expected gains. If you are looking for the missing link between procurement technology and the promised benefits, or questioning why your technology implementation has stalled or failed, this white paper is for you.
Contract Management Software: How Organisations Are Minimising Risks and Maximising Opportunities by...
In this white paper we examine the benefits of contract management software and consider the risks of unmanaged and ad-hoc contract processes. Contracts underpin all forms of business activity, providing protection from risks while safeguarding value. Given their ubiquity at the heart of business life, it’s remarkable that so many organisations do not have a systematic approach for managing the entire lifecycle of their contracts. The benefits of contract management include: • A better
Case Study: Subsea 7 Engineer Improved Accounts Payable Processes with OpenText
Subsea 7 is a world-leading seabed-to-surface engineering, constructi on and services contractor to the off shore energy industry. The company provides cost-eff ecti ve technical soluti ons to enable the delivery of complex projects in all water depths and challenging environments. Headquartered in London, England, the company has operati ons across the globe.