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Industry clients include:

Accountancy & Consulting, Apparel, Construction, Built Environment and Facilities Management, Defence, Energy, Engineering, FMCG, Financial Services, Insurance and Banking, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Industrial Manufacturing, Luxury Goods, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Process Industries, Public Sector (including Local Government), Recruitment, Retail, Technology, Telecommunications, Transport


Specialist Services:

  • Category Management training, consultancy, process and toolkit
  • Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) training, consultancy, process and toolkit
  • Negotiation methodology, training and high impact coaching
  • Online Academy e-learning and resources
  • Competency Assessment and strategic procurement transformation


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Positive Purchasing is a specialist training and consultancy business focused on transforming procurement capability worldwide. We help organizations realize dramatic results through the development of people and process, by establishing common ways of working using best practice approaches and by bringing our vast experience in purchasing and procurement.


The most talented people apply the latest procurement thinking to make a difference to companies all over the world. Our team can

Why We Need Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) Like Never Before
Adapting to survive… why the fittest companies demand the evolution of procurement with SRM at its core
Why contract management is much more than the name suggests - 10 tips for success
If we engage a supplier to work for us we have a contract with them, whether formalized or not. All we need to do is manage them to this contract and what we have agreed between us.
10 Questions to help understand and plan for cultural differences when negotiating
In today’s global market, surely we no longer need to consider the old fashioned idea of cultural differences when negotiating? Wrong!
Measuring the non-financial benefits of strategic sourcing
CPOs and procurement functions typically need to demonstrate their contribution and the success of their interventions within the organization and across the supply base. Measuring and showing the value of the non-financial benefits delivered presents a challenge. This whitepaper is designed to help CPOs better demonstrate how their function adds value to the organization.
The Problem with RFPs
RFPs (Request for Proposal) and, indeed, RFQs (Request for Quotation) are key tools in a buyer’s toolkit. These are almost certainly managed through an online platform and have become increasingly routine where there is an opportunity to run a competitive process. But do they really help bring advantage? And are these tools being used effectively throughout the procurement community?
5 Key Steps to a Quality Category Management Implementation
“What benefits will Category Management deliver to my organization?” This is a question I am regularly asked. It is expected that I will produce a magic savings number, backed up by hard evidence to justify the claim, and form the basis for a business case. My answer is simple, “It depends!” It depends upon many factors but at the heart of these is the organization’s ability to effect a quality implementation.
Unlocking Innovation From Your Supply Base - How to really do it
It’s difficult to read an article on innovation without seeing Apple mentioned somewhere. The common association of Apple with innovation is old news, but few stop to think about how this actually happened and the lessons that can be learned from this. Apple’s innovation wasn’t the sole outcome of a bunch of clever people working out of a lab in California, it was the product of a clever initiative to get the best brains in the world, each bringing something different, to work together towards
What The Last Recession Taught Me About Truly Effective SRM
The UK is emerging from the biggest global downturn since the Great Depression of the 1930s. On the global scale, positive signs of growth in some countries contrast with deepening economic and political worry in others. In response to this continued period of change and unrest, businesses have had to adapt to the new economic environment. One of the key changes that smart organizations have made is to transform the way they manage their suppliers.