Streamline your Purchasing with P-Cards

Purchasing Cards (P-Cards) are not a new concept, but remain overlooked by procurement as an expert’s tool to streamline purchasing processes for low cost items. However, the successful adoption of a P-Card program is possible by following policy guidelines and ensuring effective communication. Download this white paper to understand the entire P-Card process, adopt the requisite policies and guidelines, learn to balance the benefits and risks, and find out whether to outsource and what

Phillip Kudler by GEP  on 29-May-2013

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As enterprises search for innovative ways to reduce overhead and streamline during economic booms or recessions, management looks to their procurement leaders to find innovative ways to reduce costs. Overlooked by procurement at times, Purchasing Cards (PCards) can be an expert’s tool to streamline purchasing processes for low cost items. The most common purchase methods include purchase orders (POs), checks, recurring payments and petty cash to pay suppliers. These methods offer legal terms and conditions to cover any liability and may provide robust records for payment, delivery and execution of services. However, these methods are also expensive and may not be appropriate for certain purchases.