The Next Frontier: Unlocking Value with Tail-Spend Management

Many companies neglect their tail-spend, letting millions slip through their fingers. It doesn’t have to be that way. This new white paper details best practices for implementing a successful tail-spend management program, providing an integrated approach to managing tail-spend in four simples steps. Realize sustainable gains that really add up with this white paper today.

Phillip Kudler by GEP  on 29-May-2013

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In October 2004, Chris Anderson published his now famous article on “The Long Tail” in Wired magazine. “The Long Tail” took an opposing position to the Pareto principle of focusing on the 20% of high-impact areas that lead to 80% of the results. Chris suggested that many of the traditional assumptions around the 80/20 principle are actually artifacts of poor supply-demand matching and a market response to inefficient distribution. In his world, the long tail was traditionally ignored due to the challenges of finding local audiences and the constraints of the physical world.