Key takeaways from the agenda

Must read PL resource: Predicting the success of agile transformations

Agile transformations are very different to traditional transformations. This feature digs behind the data behind agile transformations and points you in the direction of success.


Key takeaways:

  • If you find yourself talking about being a true business partner then the reality is that you are almost certainly a long way from being one
  • Delivering a successful transformation requires you to develop your people so that they have the skills and capabilities needed to work with the wider business
  • Build partnerships inside and outside of your business. To do that you will need to co-develop category and strategy plans. This will build a bond of trust that is essential to all partnerships

82% of the success factors associated with agile transformations relate to general methods for business change rather than anything related specifically to agile.
Procurement Leaders: Predicting the success of agile transformations

Must read PL resource: Agile project management

Agility means moving and acting faster. There are many different methodologies you can employ to try and help you find that speed and this guide will help you find the right approach.


Key takeaways:

  • You are operating in highly competitive environments and in order to navigate this you have to be agile, which means thinking and acting faster than ever before
  • Procurement must change its mindset when it comes to suppliers. You should call them partners and you should be ready to share increasing amounts of data and information with them
  • Embrace technology. The development of sourcing strategies takes far too long as too do sourcing cycles. Digital technologies will reduce the time you need to dedicate to these but you have to be open to adopting them

15mins – The time that should be set aside for a daily meeting between a scrum master and the team to discuss progress and plan next steps.
Procurement Leaders’ guide to agile project management

Must read PL resource: Monitor: Blockchain

Blockchain is just one technology that has the potential to give procurement a complete and accurate view of supply chains. This supplement will provide you with all the information you need around what it is and how you can use it.


Key takeaways:

  • A digitalisation project will fail if you don’t have a clear strategy and goals in place to show where you want to get to and by what point
  • Clean data is an essential building block of digital technologies. The wrong data will simply ensure you make the wrong decisions, which will put you on the wrong track
  • Change your mindset. If you or your team go into a digitalisation project with anything buy 100% confidence in the technology the necessary buy-in won’t be there. This is where the importance of a strategy is essential

1 - Investing in digitising procurement processes is one of the key priorities for CPOs in 2019
Procurement Leaders CPO Challenger Guide 2019

Plan Ahead and Join Us at an Upcoming Event

Indirect Category Leadership Forum

A new, two-day event dedicated to supporting category teams make the priority shifts required to move beyond a cost-savings mindset by helping you re-evaluate the behaviours, technology and processes that will advance your indirect spend management.

Tuesday & Wednesday May 14-15


Event themes include:

  • Delivering value beyond cost-savings
  • Contributing to function’s top-line goals
  • Leveraging digital tools and emerging technology
  • Evolving the category leadership skill-sets
  • Embracing data-driven decision making

World Procurement Awards

A celebration of procurement as a whole - its triumphs, progress, and the critical role it plays for businesses today through an Awards ceremony recognising community and individuals that propel the function forward.

Thursday May 16


13 prestigious categories to win including:

  • Procurement Excellence Award, partnered by SAP Ariba
  • Procurement Leader Award, partnered by The Smart Cube
  • Procurement Team Award, partnered by GEP
  • Transformation Award, partnered by h&z
  • Innovation Award, partnered by Ivalua

World Procurement Congress

The industry’s largest global gathering of senior procurement executives dedicated to the visionary, forward-looking trends that will shape the long-term success and impact of the procurement function, ultimately making business growth a procurement reality.

Wednesday & Thursday May 15-16


Event themes include:

  • Team and Culture Development
  • Emerging Technology
  • Risk management
  • Elevated Operating Models
  • Optimising Business alignment