Key takeaways from the agenda

Must read PL resource: Harness the power of digital

Digitalisation is the number-one priority for CPOs in 2019 (after cost savings). Just 7% of procurement chiefs recognise a digital project as their proudest career achievement. Access the insights here to outpace expectations.


Key takeaways:

  • Build a vision of the future by focusing on short-term achievable outcomes. A 6, 12 or 24-month scope will force you to set realistic outcomes that will help you calibrate future potential.
  • Lead with procurement or business outcomes, not technologies. Ensure you focus on outcomes you will be measured on.
  • Incrementally roll out new tools and platforms – avoid big bang projects unless your organisation has a history of success with big changes.

Just 7% of procurement chiefs recognise a digital project as their proudest career achievement.
Procurement Leaders

Must read PL resource: No end in sight for protectionism

While procurement professionals have long taken liberal trade for granted, the continued rise of protectionism will pose an ever-greater risk to global supply chains.


Key takeaways:

  • Manage risk by implementing active monitoring and action strategies, not passive contract-based protection.
  • Invest in technology to assist with risk mitigation, contract governance and auditing. The aggregated risk in the supply chain cannot be managed by people alone.
  • Redesign your supply chains into flexible supply networks. Networks de-risk reliance on hierarchy, creating omnidirectional flows of value, products, services or capabilities instead.

86% of CPOs said they are increasing the amount of time they spend on risk mitigation.
The 2019 CPO Risk Agenda

Must read PL resource: Procurement agility in the age of digitalisation

Giles Breault, the co-founder of The Beyond Group, shares the lessons he has learned about how procurement can be more agile as digital technologies challenge traditional ways of working


Key takeaways:

  • Implement change management processes, or invest in support from change management experts. Winning the hearts and minds of talent is the biggest factor in successful change management.
  • Invest in individuals that possess business acumen, and soft skills. Make them champions of change. Individuals that are busy but bored are the first place to look.
  • • Move to a skills-centric agile organisation, rather than experience based silos. Ensure a proportion of your teams or a proportion of individuals’ time is set up to work in agile ways, consider Scrum, Lean and Pod structures.

22% of CPOs reported plans to hire a data scientist/analyst in 2019.
Procurement Leaders 2019 CPO Challenger Guide

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Indirect Category Leadership Forum

Indirect Category Leadership Forum

A new, two-day event dedicated to supporting category teams make the priority shifts required to move beyond a cost-savings mindset by helping you re-evaluate the behaviours, technology and processes that will advance your indirect spend management.

Tuesday & Wednesday May 14-15
The Crystal, London

Event themes include:

  • Delivering value beyond cost-savings
  • Contributing to function’s top-line goals
  • Leveraging digital tools and emerging technology
  • Evolving the category leadership skill-sets
World Procurement Congress

World Procurement Congress

The industry’s largest global gathering of senior procurement executives dedicated to the visionary, forward-looking trends that will shape the long-term success and impact of the procurement function, ultimately making business growth a procurement reality.

Wednesday & Thursday May 15-16
InterContinental London, The O2

Event themes include:

  • Team and Culture Development
  • Emerging Technology
  • Risk management
  • Elevated Operating Models
World Procurement Awards

World Procurement Awards

A celebration of procurement as a whole - its triumphs, progress, and the critical role it plays for businesses today through an Awards ceremony recognising community and individuals that propel the function forward.

Thursday May 16
InterContinental London, The O2

13 procurement categories to be won, including:

  • Procurement Excellence Award, partnered by SAP Ariba
  • Procurement Leader Award, partnered by The Smart Cube
  • Procurement Team Award, partnered by GEP
  • Transformation Award, partnered by h&z