A shared vision for the future….


It is almost 10 years since we started what has been an exciting, ever changing but ultimately rewarding journey developing a global network in procurement. Our original vision - to build a global community where senior procurement executives can access unique insights and connections to improve the value they delivered to their organisations – still remains as strong as ever and in fact is more relevant now as we look towards the next decade.


Procurement has changed a lot in the time we have been here. Tough economic times and high expectations on companies to perform, innovate and act in a risk-sensitive and responsible manner means executives are increasingly at the forefront and asked to do more with less. I am sure that resonates with many of you.


As the world changes so will we and we are committed to helping our members plot a course to achieve their goals and ensure procurement is recognised at the highest level. 


This week, we launched a new online platform and I'd like to invite you to explore and get to know this better. The advances you see represent the next big step on our journey - connecting, informing, empowering and inspiring procurement executives around the world.


We have listened carefully, from every angle, to input and feedback and how our service can add more value to their working day. What you told us was aligned with how we see the world changing.


You wanted a focus away from ‘industry noise' and more towards unique and actionable information that would deliver impactful benefits supporting your strategies to save cost, reduce risk and transform functional performance.


You wanted deep research into categories supported by insights from the global community.


You wanted forward-looking information and trends, not backward reporting. And you wanted us to retain our focus promoting the function and bringing top professionals together for valuable and enjoyable networking.


And what you now see from Procurement Leaders is our investment in making this vision – your vision – happen.


Thank you for your continued support. Let the next chapter begin...


All the best,


Alex Martinez 

Alex Martinez
Posted by Alex Martinez

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