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Category strategy planning

Modern category management is about more than finding savings. It involves extensive demand management, as well as deep collaboration with stakeholders both inside and outside the business to maximise value in each category of spend.


Procurement teams must have the right strategy in place to deliver this value, however. During the second half of the year, category managers start to develop their plans for the following 12 months – finetuning and adjusting their strategies to meet the needs of the organisation.


Finding appropriate benchmarks to assess the function’s performance is an important part of this process. Likewise, when developing their plans, it is essential that category managers identify and mitigate potential risks to avoid supply chain disruption.


Procurement Leaders’ Category Planning Guide 2019, due to be published in September 2018, will offer price change forecasts, actionable insights and for around 60 subcategories.


For the first time, the report will also seek to provide an indication of what category managers hope to achieve during 2019 and the levers they intend to use to achieve these aims. Such levers include the request for proposal process, e-auctions, supplier collaboration strategies and demand management.


Although businesses face political and economic uncertainty, category managers who get their strategy right will be better placed to deliver greater savings and additional value in 2019.


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Aleksei Gontsarov
Posted by Aleksei Gontsarov

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