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Technology should empower procurement leaders to innovate and bring their best ideas to life

As is often the case with a crisis, today’s immense challenges also come with opportunities – forcing new perspectives and priorities. The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has placed procurement and supply chains at the front page around the world, and the function is now a prime topic in board rooms. I can’t imagine a better opportunity to raise the function’s stature. For the sake of organisations, their employees, suppliers and the public, I sincerely hope most succeed.

As procurement is suddenly thrust to the forefront, organisations with less mature functions are finding themselves at a major disadvantage. There is a large and growing disparity between more advanced procurement organizations and the rest. A recent ​study by Forrester​ assessed only 17% of organisations as advanced (39% beginners and 44% intermediate). Those leaders reported drastically better performance in areas critical to navigating the crisis, from regularly assessing supplier performance and acting to improve (97% compared with 81% of intermediates and 17% of beginners), to proactively monitoring contracts for expiration and risk (94%, 74%, 16%, respectively) and regularly collaborating with suppliers to deliver tangible value (93%, 73%, 16%).

Less advanced procurement leaders must narrow this gap, and I have found no better way than learning from successful peers. The upcoming ​Ivalua NOW virtual conference​ on 5 May presents a perfect opportunity to do so from the convenience of your home office. As always at Ivalua’s events, the agenda is dominated by customer presentations, with this year’s theme being the “journey to procurement excellence.”

Ivalua’s view has always been that technology should empower leaders to innovate and bring their best ideas to life, not constrain them. We don’t believe companies should have to compromise between rapid time-to-value and having the flexibility to evolve and adjust nor any compromises for that matter. As such, while the event will showcase customers at all stages of their transformation journeys, the focus is on those innovating to build a competitive advantage – the advanced organisations by Forrester’s definition.

They’ve been there, done that and overcame the challenges.

Some particularly interesting sessions to help you accelerate your transformation include:

  • The President of ​JLL​ Digital, a 200+-year-old commercial real estate giant, discussing the lasting impact of Covid-19 and how companies need to rethink their approach to workplaces. This keynote will also highlight how JLL is rethinking its approach to business and innovating to turn its spend into a revenue driver
  • Fannie Mae​, winner of 2 SIG awards in 2019, including for innovations in digitisation, on sharing lessons for driving rapid and broad S2P digitisation.
  • Booz Allen Hamilton​ on leveraging innovative integrations to deliver unique value to users and the business. From sales contracts, asset management, barcode scanners and much more.
  • The former CPO of ​Rogers Communication​ on accelerating the transformation to strategic procurement.
  • Intuitive Surgical​ on pioneering an innovative approach to forecasting and planned order collaboration.
  • Baylor Scott & White Health​ and ​Capgemini​ in separate sessions on turning your supply chain and procurement into a competitive advantage.

The need to accelerate procurement transformation has never been greater. Don’t miss this chance to learn from many of today’s most innovative leaders. ​Registration​ is free of charge for practitioners, so put on your most comfortable lounge clothes, find a quiet corner to kick back in and join the journey to procurement excellence.

Procurement Leaders is proud to have Ivalua as research partners for the Data & Innovation stream. Alex Saric is Ivalua’s CMO.

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Alex Saric
Posted by Alex Saric

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