Key categories for 2014: price increases to watch out for.

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We are currently collecting category manager views on the future changes of key markets. In our Category Planning Guide 2014, we are asking buyers and other senior procurement professionals to give their opinion over category inflation for next year.


We ran the same survey last year, which became one of most sought-after reports. We are aiming to repeat this success, focusing again on price forecasting as well as including other new factors, such as buyers’ plans and their stakeholders’ needs.


If you are interested in taking part of our survey, please do take it here:


Preliminary results show an interesting spread of views amongst our sample. There seems to be quite a diverse set of opinions in where markets will move. It is not unusual for certain categories to subject either to double digits percentages of either inflation or deflation.


It seems as though there may be sign of another round of volatility. Over the past years, we have witnessed substantial price shifts within a number of key commodities. Indirect categories are generally sheltered from these wild changes, as services procurement operates a number of steps away from global commodity trading. However, there seems to be evidence that buyers are increasingly viewing indirect markets as if they were more like a direct.


In this atmosphere of uncertainty, it is critical to identify not only your business’ key categories, but also those categories which are subject to most market change.

Jonathan Webb
Posted by Jonathan Webb

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