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Procurement Leaders is currently collecting views from category managers and buyers in prices for indirect categories. Following from our Category Planning Guide 2013, that we published last year, we are trying to repeat the next round of forecasting for 2014.


Last year, we forecasted the global prices of 45 categories, ranging from management consultancy to logistics. Often, services sectors can be hard to price, with few accepted indices to baseline contracts available. Hence, this research aims to predict the percentage change of unit prices for these categories over the next year.


We are keen also in hearing your views. Please get involved by taking the survey here.


Aside from prices, the survey aims to understand category plans for buyers next year. We are chiefly interested in the outsourcing plans for organisations. We have heard anecdotally that many are considering outsourcing more of their indirect spend, whilst considering bring their direct production back in house. This survey is aiming to measure the extent of this trend (if it exists at all) and to determine the dynamics in different categories.


We are also aiming to measures the length of contracts for each category as well as the dominant pricing mechanism in use, we hope that the research will provide us with a complete picture of category management.

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