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It's back again: Our annual executive procurement survey

The PIU is now in its third year to run its annual executive research venture, the CPO Strategy survey. This poll allows senior professional buyers from across geographies and industries to benchmark the function’s changing agenda, priorities, challenges and maturity.


Alongside these core issues, we also focus on some select topics that shake the procurement world in a given year. This time around, we have identified social media as one of those buzz words. In particular, we are polling our respondents about their choice of social media tools and the extent to which they use them within procurement, and how (if at all) these tools help enhance or even threaten certain activities within the function.


We are also investigating into an up-and-coming procurement strategy, known as shortening the supply chain, which uses (more) local or direct sourcing in a specific category or product line. With the concept being fairly new, we are curious to see how many companies have already tackled it and are currently considering doing so in the near future.


Last year, our results highlighted an uplifting development for procurement. The vast majority of respondents indicated that their functions had not been negatively impacted by the recession, and one quarter even confirmed to have received additional resources.


But what are professional buyers actively doing to maintain this momentum, especially in times that are becoming increasingly volatile? To that extent, our survey is thoroughly gauging what CPOs and their respective teams have in store to build sustainable value in 2012, and in the future ahead.


If you are a senior procurement professional and would like to partake in CPO Strategy 2012, or know someone who might be interesting in participating, you may access our survey by taking the survey here.

Maggie Slowik
Posted by Maggie Slowik

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