The Five Forces Driving the Green Agenda

Corporate social responsibility

Taking action on environmental issues is becoming an increasingly active responsibility, as most organisations have come to realise today.


Nonetheless, knowing where to start and what approaches to take remains a major challenge.


Most of you who read our s know that we care about environmental and social responsibilities and we believe they need to be part of procurement strategy and execution.


As part of a larger series of executive research addressing the green agenda and CSR as a whole, today we have published our first paper entitled The Five Forces Driving the Green Agenda. This piece introduces a model that maps out five fundamental forces which influence an organisation’s behaviour towards environmental matters, including:


(1) consumer demand;

(2) consumer marketing;

(3) government regulations;

(4) green procurement; and

(5) supplier influence.


The model is aimed to help procurement leaders and other executives come to an understanding which force(s) affect their organisations most, using it to their best advantage to take immediate action.


Members may access the full report here.

Maggie Slowik
Posted by Maggie Slowik

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