PLQ Magazine

Procurement Leaders Quarterly (PLQ) is a new publication, taking the place of Procurement Leaders Magazine to focus on the needs of high level procurement executives in organisations around the globe. The magazine is published once per quarter and will cover forward-facing, cutting-edge issues in the commercial world and how they are challenging the procurement executive.

PLQ is distributed in print and digital to a readership of 25,000 and is promoted through our network and at our global events.


Advertisers can benefit from 2 ways to engage with our readership:

  • Full page adverts or double-page spreads are positioned at key points in the magazine to give the artwork the greatest effect. The digital version of the publication offers opportunities for adverts to have hotlinks.
  • Thought Leadership advertorials offer the sponsor an extended space to write about the larger theme of the issue and position an in-house expert as a leader on a topic that aligns with the issue and the concerns of our readership.

Key benefits

Advertisers can benefit from 2 ways to engage with our readership:

  • Increased brand awareness to 25,000 senior procurement executives
  • Educate your target market on your capabilities and expertise
  • Generate leads and increase sales opportunities​​​​​​​


Issue I – Change

Procurement is changing fast – adapting to the pace of emerging opportunities and risks in the commercial world and developing itself to become a more prominent player in the business. From technology to climate change, remaining competitive requires foresight, a culture of agility and a willingness to embrace a state of constant disruption. This issue will look at how we change as a community of business leaders and what forces are shaping the function.<

This issue will feature:

  • The golden rules to follow when the function is transforming
  • How development in the global agenda, with sweeping issues such as climate change, require procurement to adapt at pace
  • The evolution of the CPO role and the imperative for change in how procurement leadership thinks and acts.

Issue II – Innovation

For many innovation is the next frontier for procurement. Functions looking to move beyond cost optimisation to value creation activities are eyeing supplier innovation as a key endeavour. But even beyond that huge opportunity, teams that are able to become a centre of innovation, in terms of behaviour, processes and measurable output are changing what it means to be a leader in procurement and supply chain.

This issue will feature:

  • Whether securing new innovations is now the single most important job that procurement does
  • How those that are leading the way at becoming generators of innovation are demonstrating what’s possible to the rest of the procurement world
  • Developing an innovative culture: What can leaders do differently to invigorate a creative, forward-thinking function.

Issue III – People

People are a company’s most important asset. Procurement has long contended with how best to hire the very best, how to position them, how to develop them and how (and whether) to keep them. Meanwhile, competition is fierce and the talent itself is changing —in fact, people-related activities take up a vast amount of leadership’s time, yet they often remain in the dark of how to overcome their talent challenges.

This issue will feature:

  • The latest and most innovative thinking in training and education
  • Inside the next generation of talent and how procurement can position itself as an attractive place for those future stars
  • Building a culture of creativity, strategic thinking and entrepreneurial venture.

Issue IIII – Vision

Leadership is about vision and execution. Looking ahead to 2018, understanding upcoming trends in the global business world, technology and even in the potential of procurement itself is the responsibility of every procurement chief. If you are a CPO, you need a well-informed idea of where you are leading your teams. What that looks like, how it’s assembled and how it’s communicated will shape how effective you are in 2018 and beyond. Good luck!

This issue will feature:

  • What trends will shape procurement in 2018
  • What leading business thinkers are looking ahead to and what CPOs can learn from their ideas about the future.
  • How should leaders develop their vision and what sources should they be drawing as they look at the direction and the drive for their teams.