Key takeaways from the agenda

Must read PL resource: Redefining the team for the digital age

Advances in digital technology are forcing CPOs to grapple with a fundamental question: what people and skills does the procurement function need to succeed? Explore the faint outlines of answer in this feature


Key takeaways:

  • Assemble an agile group working whose responsibility it is to help drive and execute your function’s digital strategy. This team should work across regions and business units to encourage joined-up thinking
  • Consult your employees on where digital technologies can best be applied. This will help to engage staff in the digitalisation process and assuage their concerns regarding the changes presaged by that process
  • ‘Gamify’ your digitalisation training programmes to encourage employees to participate and motivate them to learn. Such programmes should equip learners with the competencies and the mindset for success

22% of CPOs reported plans to hire a data scientist/analyst in 2019
Procurement Leaders 2019 CPO Challenger Guide

Must read PL resource: Leveraging the power of the digital revolution

The ways in which you will need to change in order to work with the new tools and technologies that will soon be a feature of procurement


Key takeaways:

  • A fundamental shift, such as a move towards full digitalisation, needs the full buy-in from the very top of the organisation
  • Mindsets have to be changed across the organisation if digital technologies are to be embraced and that will only happen when a management team support that strategy
  • To secure that buy-in procurement must build a solid strategy and outline its ultimate goal for the function and organisation

2 – Digitalisation of procurement processes was identified as the second highest priority for CPOs in 2019
Procurement Leaders 2019 CPO Challenger Guide

Must read PL resource: Developing a digital roadmap

Procurement teams typically struggle to develop realistic and impactful digital roadmaps. This guide will help procurement executives build the foundation required to successfully drive digital transformation


Key takeaways:

  • Create a digitalisation action plan. This should be 12-24 months in scope, realistic and outcome-oriented. Do not build a long-term roadmap to a digital panacea
  • When deploying automation, map the low-value processes and activities that can be mechanised as well as the high-value ones on which you want your employees to spend more time
  • Integrate your legacy systems, then format all your data in one location. These exercises will set the foundations for running predictive analytics and machine learning applications

63% of respondents identified poor data integration as the most frequently occurring barrier to capitalising on data
Data & technology, 2018

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Indirect Category Leadership Forum

Indirect Category Leadership Forum

A new, two-day event dedicated to supporting category teams make the priority shifts required to move beyond a cost-savings mindset by helping you re-evaluate the behaviours, technology and processes that will advance your indirect spend management.

Tuesday & Wednesday May 14-15 | London

Event themes include:

  • Delivering value beyond cost-savings
  • Contributing to function’s top-line goals
  • Leveraging digital tools and emerging technology
  • Evolving the category leadership skill-sets
  • Embracing data-driven decision making
World Procurement Awards

World Procurement Awards

A celebration of procurement as a whole - its triumphs, progress, and the critical role it plays for businesses today through an Awards ceremony recognising community and individuals that propel the function forward.

Thursday May 16 | London

13 prestigious categories to win including:

  • Procurement Excellence Award, partnered by SAP Ariba
  • Procurement Leader Award, partnered by The Smart Cube
  • Procurement Team Award, partnered by GEP
  • Transformation Award, partnered by h&z
  • Innovation Award, partnered by Ivalua
World Procurement Congress

World Procurement Congress

The industry’s largest global gathering of senior procurement executives dedicated to the visionary, forward-looking trends that will shape the long-term success and impact of the procurement function, ultimately making business growth a procurement reality.

Wednesday & Thursday May 15-16 | London

Event themes include:

  • Team and Culture Development
  • Emerging Technology
  • Risk management
  • Elevated Operating Models
  • Optimising Business alignment