Issue I, Volume II: Look closer

PLQ Issue I: Volume II examines the issue of transparency. The magazine explores the ways in which functions are opening themselves up to both their suppliers and their customers, as well as the benefits this offers both procurement and the business.


Featured in this issue:

  • How new and some old technologies are helping to boost transparency. Procurement functions at businesses such as IBM and Walmart are testing the ways in which technology, including blockchain and radio-frequency identification tags, can provide more about the origin of products.
  • The rise of ecosystems. Goran Cangl, head of ecosystem advocacy, innovation partner and venture management at Nokia, explains how his team is opening up the business to an ecosystem of suppliers, customers, consumers and academics to help solve challenges and embrace disruption.
  • How and why CPOs should be more transparent. By being transparent themselves, procurement chiefs can become better leaders and ensure the benefits of transparency are delivered.