Volume II, Issue III: Breaking the planning cycle

PLQ Volume II: Issue III takes an in-depth look at the topic of planning and focuses in on whether the cycle that procurement is currently on is the most effective. For many years the function has started thinking about the months and years ahead and has then set a plan that it executes over the following 12 months. That plan has always tended to focus on costs. With procurement now a strategic partner, planning has to catch up and those strategies have to incorporate the goals of the business as a whole as well as individual functions. Failure to do that will have serious performance implications further down the line that simply can’t be ignored.


Features in this issue look at:

  • Cost vs strategy. Procurement has long claimed to want to move away from savings but has struggled to make that dream a reality. We look at what is holding the function back
  • How the planning process has changed. There is no doubt that the planning process has changed, but just how much? Here we examine what has changed and the areas procurement now looks at more closely
  • Career planning. Planning is not just about setting out a strategy for your function. It is about planning your own career path. We speak to three former procurement chiefs about what they did next

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