Volume II, Issue IV: Turn to clear vision

This issue looks at the world in 2030. With so much disruption, the world in which procurement operates is going to be very different in one year’s time but and in a decade’s time, too. Procurement chiefs will have to adapt to that change, but without knowing what they should be looking out for that change will be hard to adapt to. This issue of PLQ takes an in-depth look at the technologies, skills and parts of the role that will change and analyse how CPOs can begin preparing for this change today


Featured in this issue:

  • From CPO to CVO. In ten years, the role of the CPO will have changed dramatically. Procurement chiefs should begin to think about whether their current job title reflects what they will be doing a few years down the line. With the pressure on to deliver value outside of savings, the last thing CPOs need is to be hamstrung by a legacy job title.
  • Next-generation sourcing. An expanding global population is putting pressure on the availability of raw materials. Promises have been made that asteroids could be a source of raw materials that could remove the need for mining to take place on the Earth. That promise could soon become a reality.
  • Freelance buyers. Many column inches have been devoted to changes in the workplace, with employees increasingly working remotely. Is the natural conclusion of that businesses employ buyers on a contract basis, whereby they come in to run a project or a tender and then go and do that somewhere else?


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