Volume II, Issue IV: Turn to clear vision


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This issue looks at the world in 2030. With so much disruption, the world in which procurement operates is going to be very different in one year’s time but and in a decade’s time, too. Procurement chiefs will have to adapt to that change, but without knowing what they should be looking out for that change will be hard to adapt to. This issue of PLQ takes an in-depth look at the technologies, skills and parts of the role that will change and analyse how CPOs can begin preparing for this change today


Featured in this issue:

  • Olam’s head of cocoa sustainability reveals how technology is helping smallholders to boost their crop yields.

  • How advances in smart technology are opening up opportunities for the function and their supply chains.

  • Why a positive and proactive mindset can put CPOs in a good position to overcome future challenges in a changing world.

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