Volume III, Issue I: Don't get stuck in the analogue age


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The 2019 first quarter edition of PLQ examines the issue of digitalisation and its growing strategic importance to CPOs. Over the next 12 months, procurement chiefs will focus their attention on implementing new technologies that will help ease the administrative burden on their teams, enabling staff to focus on value-adding initiatives.


Featured in this issue:


In the same boat: We hear from leaders in other functions about the lessons they are learning from their own digitalisation initiatives how procurement chiefs can apply these experiences.


Same, but different: In the past, procurement has led a number of significant transformations. CPOs should apply the lessons learned from these to digitalisation.


View from the board: IBM is looking at using a range of new technologies to drive procurement’s progress. Bob Murphy, IBM’s CPO, reveals how the function is utilising the likes of blockchain and cognitive robotics, as well as the benefits such technologies are delivering.


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Capitalising on emerging technologies will be a key theme running throughout World Procurement Week in May. Click here to find out more about individual events and how to get your team involved.