From chaos to clarity:
powering positive disruption

As a guest of Procurement Leaders’ two-day, CPO thought-leadership summit, Ovation, we encourage you to explore the materials below as it will go a long way to enriching your experience at the retreat.


We have designed the flow of the agenda to mirror some of the key topics of relevance for CPOs, always with an eye to the future: technology, innovation, supply ecosystems, blockchain and distributed ledgers, robotics and automation…


The Ovation experience is about sharing knowledge, building relationships and challenging and disrupting incumbent beliefs. It demands an open mind and a willingness to explore new thinking.


In preparation, please complete this short survey ahead of the event.


Below we list some of the topics we will focus on and additional reading material to help with your preparation ahead of the event.

Blockchain & distributed-ledger technology

As custodians of third-party spend and with responsibility for, at the very least, the upstream portion of your organisation’s supply chain, blockchain and distributed ledger technology has the potential to completely transform how CPOs, their teams and the procurement function operates.

During the Ovation retreat, we will spend time workshopping this area, looking at real-world use cases and engaging with crypto-currencies in a live environment. The Ovation speaker and workshop facilitator for this area will be Melanie Swan, founder, Institute of Block chain Studies & DIYGenomics & technical theorist, Purdue University will leading.

Ideation & innovation

As the role of the CPO continues to evolve, it’s important to embrace new ways of working and explore new methodologies to help drive value from the supply base. But perhaps the starting point is for CPOs and their teams to innovate themselves and how they work.

Design thinking is one method that can be used to improve ideation and innovation workshops by focusing on building and developing concepts, rather than critiquing them.

During the retreat we will spend time exploring how it can be used within the context of procurement as well as how creativity can be harnessed more successfully. David Schonthal, director, Business Design practice, IDEO & Clinical Associate Professor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management will be guiding as we explore ideation & innovation.

The future of supply

We are moving into a new era of business, where digital technologies will enable completely new business models, new relationships and the development of supply ecosystems. Business relationships will evolve; start-ups, universities, individual experts, entrepreneurs, suppliers, customers and government could all potentially collaborate on projects.

Shelby Clark, founder and board director at Turo will help us explore what this might look like in the future, which technologies must be backed, the role of the CPO and his or her team in establishing business ecosystems, what will become of the traditional buyer and the more transactional component of what procurement does.