How Technology is Reshaping the Supply Chain in 2019

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Digital maturity allows the supply chain to evolve as a strategically important function for an organization – one that fosters informed decision-making, eventually laying the foundation for a more flexible organization. It also helps organizations break down functional silos and create a common playground where operators and suppliers seamlessly connect.


There is still some question, however, on whether organizations have caught up with this new strategic role of the digitized supply chain and its potential to drive innovation.


A 2017 McKinsey survey reveals that an average supply chain has a digitization level of only 43%, the lowest among five critical business functions that were evaluated. Yet only 2% of executives reported that the supply chain gets a focus in their digital strategies.


This white paper will discuss:

  • Challenges and opportunities of adopting new technology into your supply chain
  • Examples of how to incorporate new technology seamlessly into your existing processes
  • Tips for staying competitive in a rapidly changing world
  • Key insights into areas where your supply chain might be lacking
How Technology is Reshaping the Supply Chain in 2019