Insight: Beyond ERP systems

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For years, businesses have sought to manage direct procurement through monolithic ‘command and control’ enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, and simplistic backwards-scheduling material requirements planning processes. In today’s world, there’s a growing realisation that these approaches are no longer fit for purpose.


Instead, attention is turning to more modern technologies: technologies such as artificial intelligence, data lakes, natural language processing, blockchain, the Internet of Things, robotics and automation. Either individually or strategically combined, these offer a step-change in procurement capability – and savvy businesses are already beginning to embrace them.


Download Beyond ERP systems to discover:

  • Why long-time tried-and-tested systems must be augmented by new technologies.
  • The ways AI, data lakes and other advances can help to better manage direct procurement.
  • The ways in which leading companies are approaching these challenges and opportunities.
Insight: Beyond ERP systems