Insight: S2P Transformation

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Increasingly, there’s a recognition that source-to-pay (S2P) transformation benefits the entire enterprise – and not just the procurement function and the people working within it. Greater procurement policy enforcement; more efficient processes; higher levels of spend under management; reduced maverick spending; better controls – but also intangible benefits such as smoother procurement processes that do not impede everyday users’ day-to-day roles, and greater user satisfaction through working with systems that don’t turn purchasing into a chore.


But how best to achieve a successful S2P transformation that can deliver on such goals? Which best practices underpin a successful S2P transformation? How important is the role played by technology and the underlying software? What support should you look for in a provider of S2P transformation technology? And should businesses be striving for end-to-end transformation or incremental improvements, delivered over time?


Download Insight: S2P transformation to hear from experts and procurement professionals about:

  • Why the user experience is central to successful S2P engagement.
  • How leadership and leadership alignment drives end-to-end transformation.
  • Why a ‘big bang’ approach could be the right one to ensure the function sets – and meets – ambitious targets.
Insight: S2P Transformation