Technology as a driver

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Procurement professionals all face a common challenge: understanding other people in the business, gaining their trust and inspiring their enthusiasm for projects aimed at meeting procurement objectives.


Creating a buzz around the business about what procurement is doing with new technology can help the function raise its profile and bring more spend within its scope, as procurement software allows the function to better leverage its purchasing power.


Exactly how procurement software is evolving will play a critical part in its success. Employees, accustomed to slick smartphone apps and smooth e-commerce websites, now expect the same experience when it comes to the tools they use for business. But even more important than the front-end user experience is how connectivity features, known as application programming interfaces (APIs), allow businesses to ‘serve up’ only those aspects of an application that employees actually need to do a specific job.


Download this Insight: Technology as an enabler and find out:

• how the procurement technology map is helping engage stakeholders with procurement’s goals;

• how CPOs have been rolling out new technology without ripping out legacy ERP systems; and

• the ways in which cloud and mobile technologies are helping procurement functions in major corporations.

Technology as a driver