Procurement prospects: Trends in 2019

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The year 2019 appears likely to be characterised by geopolitical and economic uncertainty. Protectionist trade policies, Brexit and supplier financial risk all threaten to disrupt the status quo and, with it, global supply chains.  


Despite this, the year ahead also signifies an important opportunity for the function. Many procurement chiefs are developing ambitious digitalisation plans so they can harness the power of advanced technologies to improve functional efficiency, unlock new savings, bring ideas to market at pace and integrate the buying organisation with its supply base.


Those functions that dare to do something different and break beyond procurement’s traditional remit will be best placed to enable their business to succeed. 


Procurement prospects: Trends in 2019 provides an overview of the technologies and trends that will shape the function during the year ahead. In particular, this publication will provide CPOs with insights into:

  • Procurement chiefs’ priorities for 2019.
  • Disruptive advanced technologies the function will look to harness to achieve its aims.
  • Risk areas CPOs should take account of and seek to actively manage during the year ahead.
Procurement prospects: Trends in 2019