Transformation: Technology and capability

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Technology and transformation clearly go together. But which one drives the other? Do you embark on a transformation project then see which are the technology solutions? Do you look at the technological landscape and let that determine the shape of your transformation?


The circularity can perhaps be broken by considering the word ‘capability’. For example, there’s the question of what capabilities the organisation needs procurement to have – both today and in the foreseeable future.


That in turn hinges on ‘the art of the possible’: technology is constantly creating solutions to problems we hadn’t realise exist. It is, perhaps, only when you see what could be achieved that you appreciate that your current level of transparency, communication flow, user compliance or supplier partnerships could be greatly improved.


The foundation of all this, however, is the capability of procurement to not just be open-minded but to be pro-active seekers after truth as to what can be achieved.


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Transformation: Technology and capability