Insight: Transforming digital

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A well-conceived and well-implemented programme to digitalise enterprise procurement functions has the potential to deliver clear and tangible business benefits. In reality, however, many digital transformation journeys never deliver the intended business outcomes due to issues such as poor tail spend management and limited staff adoption of new digital systems.


This means many procurement teams are failing to deliver the benefits of digitalisation – which marks the biggest shift in the history of the function and also potentially its biggest opportunity.


Overcoming these roadblocks takes careful planning. In this white paper, Procurement Leaders reveals the main reasons why digitalisation initiatives fall short of meeting business expectations, as well as ways procurement chiefs to rectify these issues.


Download Insight: Challenging digital fundamentals to discover:

  • Why digital technology specifications should focus on business results.
  • Ways to strike a balance between managing rogue spend and improving procurement agility.
  • The technological and skills issues the function must overcome.


Insight: Transforming digital