How AI is shaping the future of indirect procurement

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You can’t go anywhere these days without hearing about AI. It’s all around us, from self-driving ride shares to Facebook using facial recognition to know which of your friends you just uploaded a picture of. But you might not know how AI is already impacting the procurement space.


Think of all the things that frustrate you about your current indirect procurement process: disjointed and unstructured operations, multiple systems, and no visibility into your spend – just to name a few of the challenges. It’s time to leave those frustrations behind. AI can streamline your processes, uncover previously unseen insights, reveal savings opportunities, and a whole lot more!


Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how advanced AI tech can bring your indirect procurement out of the past – and into the future!


What you’ll learn

  • How procurement tech has evolved
  • What AI can do to make procurement teams more efficient
  • Ways that AI can improve the procurement process for both buyers & suppliers
How AI is shaping the future of indirect procurement