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Developing the next CPO

Developing the next CPO


Talent is not only critical, it’s also overlooked.


Despite launching a number of different programmes and strategies to try and attract and retain the very best talent, many procurement chiefs remain frustrated with the results.


Those frustrations stem from an inability to give it as much attention as they would like, but by partnering with HR they could find the help they need to put the right strategy in place while also opening opportunities to hear new ideas.


Here are five ways in which HR could help you execute your talent development strategy more efficiently:

1. Set a foundation of vision and values


Keeping leaders focused on a clear vision and set of values during strategic planning discussions will help keep everyone aligned to the mission at hand.


Setting that vision and those values in place is key and HR can play an integral role in bringing those to life. Having worked with other functions and laid out their own strategy they are well positioned to help lay an effective strategy out.

2. Focus on culture


The most successful HR leaders demystify culture by helping leaders and employees to articulate their desired ways of working in specific, relatable examples and behaviours. They can also understand and anticipate how organisational levers like communication, leadership development, role design, and performance management strategies can be used to effect change.

3. Articulate the people strategy


Functional talent development goals should include attracting and retaining top talent, developing new capabilities as well as enhancing diversity within the team.


While procurement chiefs can and do own the broad talent strategy, HR professionals can help establish the specific people requirements and ensure the organisation is set up to successfully execute on those requirements.

4. Build comprehensive plans that connect the dots


While establishing overall strategic objectives of the organisation is critical, so is developing the cross-functional plans that will support execution. HR is a leader in aligning organisational levers like structure and roles, processes, technology, measures and communication. When organisations fail in launching a new strategy, it is often because they don’t have practical, tactical implementation plans for the changes that must be made to align the organisation to the new strategy.

5. Keep employees engaged in the strategy and any changes ahead


HR can also help leaders and employees to truly understand what a strategy means for them, and what is expected of them.


If there are major organisational changes ahead – such as a restructuring or a new technology implementation – HR also can help act as a ‘change architect’, creating and executing strategies and plans necessary to lead and communicate that change.


The hardest part in all of this is getting started with the right framework for the strategy and plan. This Procurement Leaders ebook Developing the next CPO provides insight into this to ensure your talent strategy is achieving your strategic objectives, along with takeaways and things you could do next to make sure you are attracting, developing and retaining the talent that your team needs to drive the function forward.


This article is a piece of independent writing by a member of Procurement Leaders’ content team.

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