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Proxima is the leading independent procurement services company and is changing the conventional view of procurement from an administrative function, to one of a strategic driver of value by focusing on:

  • Disrupting the interim market - we give you the people and skills you need, the knowledge to go market and the infrastructure to execute. You only pay for what you use and you can turn our support on and off on demand.
  • Making teamsmore successful - we collaborate with you to resolve your
The Digital Disconnect An executive’s guide to driving better commercial outcomes from digital marke...
This whitepaper explains why the value of digital activity remains opaque; the reasons for poor digital spend practices; and presents a practical guide for gaining true business value from digital marketing through better procurement practices.
Case study: Global bakery supplier Breaking down brand, regional and functional silos to create a pl...
This global bakery supply business faced a problem: semi-autonomous regions with their own brands were spending time and resources making decisions in key areas such as marketing that weren’t aligned to corporate strategy. Within those offices, functional silos stymied communication and coordination between teams working on projects. Proxima was able to bring a fresh perspective to the situation. With none of the political baggage that internal stakeholders carried, we were able to take a step
Case study: Global hospitality group Redesigning and reconnecting a global procurement organisation
A critical project set out to revolutionise the hotel group’s procurement with four simple objectives: rebuild those stakeholder relationships; recruit a team with the right expertise; define and deliver a clear procurement strategy the whole organisation could align to; and streamline processes. The touchstone for all these objectives was the group strategy document. Only by aligning the new procurement function around these top-level business goals could the Proxima team be sure that they
Four traits of the procurement team of the future
The old mantras of control, compliance, commoditization and cost as being the key drivers will remain important, but they are inhibitors to actually freeing up an organization to become a creative animal. Therefore, it is essential that the procurement team of the future is made up of those who are committed to driving the function forward, those who actively promote the new value proposition of procurement, and are passionate about changing the (often negative) perception of function.
What is the real risk of poorly managed supplier relationships?
The opportunities offered by global, extended supply eco-systems can help companies uncover new sources of value. But there’s a flip side; their growing complexity means businesses could be vulnerable to a whole host of risks in their quest to deliver value. While you may have your own house in order for managing business risks, and bearing in mind that on average 70% of a corporation’s activities are outside of its control in its supply ecosystem, can the same be said of your suppliers?
Businesses rely on suppliers, but their relationships are stuck in the past
Given that up to two-thirds of your revenues are now being spent with external third parties, your suppliers now constitute one of the biggest areas of business investment, an area that you neither own, nor control. The success of your business now relies heavily your suppliers. Yet, the conventional approach to managing suppliers too often fails to engage on any level other than price, fails to question the buying itself or think about the context around it, and fails to effectively connect
Stop wasting your digital advertising budgets
Almost every day there seems to be another article about how amazing digital advertising is. And now there are an increasing number of articles about the waste and fraud that exists in digital advertising with limited awareness client side and lack of activity agency side. At last, some agencies are admitting this huge blemish, but not enough are proactive enough on behalf of their clients.
Do you have the right skills to deliver your procurement strategy?
‘People are your greatest asset’ is an age-old mantra that many successful companies embrace. A recent study, however, has found that “62% of CPOs do not believe their team has the skills and capabilities to deliver their procurement strategy, compared to 48% two years ago1” - a trend that has been increasing year on year.
Procurement’s big play: Quick wins to align with the growth agenda
An increasing number of today’s Boards are looking to align every aspect of their business to the wider growth agenda. But - for many of these companies, not all of their internal functions are able to shift their sights from defence to offence at the same time (or at all, in some cases).