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Special Report: Business continuity & growth

This pandemic has forced businesses in every sector to adapt. There is an opportunity for procurement to drive positive growth post COVID-19. This supplement examines the impact leadership can have following the pandemic and why procurement and supply chain are being brought to forefront of the mitigation plans
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Leading through Covid-19-

Based on a survey of 100+ CPOs and insight from weekly CPO roundtables, find out the six ways procurement executives are adapting their strategy for the ‘new normal’.
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Changing approaches to risk management

Insights from a virtual roundtable on forming a successful risk management strategy and measuring performance.
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Accelerate your procurement function

Access a membership network that will provide you with research and use case examples to create greater value and improved decision making.


Drive your team to deliver on transformational activities. Partnership plan established around your function's strategic priorities.

Unrivalled networking at the Global CPO Think Tank, Ovation and regional/global events
Frequent strategy validation and inspiration provided through CPO conference calls
Profile raising opportunities through editorial features, speaker presentations and awards ceremonies
Channels to facilitate team advancement through collaboration opportunities

Head of Strategy

Develop a path to procurement excellence. We’ll work with your procurement leadership team to prioritise strategic initiatives that’ll create the most impact.

Frequent priority validation against the Procurement Excellence Framework, providing 35 levers to pull on to identify and achieve strategic focus
A suite of tools to identify strengths and weaknesses and prioritise focus areas, including functional diagnostics and assessments
Channels to upskill yourself and the procurement leadership team through regional Member Exchanges, global Congresses, regional Forums and a suite of virtual collaboration opportunities
Regular insights to support your strategies and ensure business alignment through our annual studies, strategy research, guides and templates

Category Manager

Execute and deliver category plans. Your team will have access to a variety of online resources to inform decisions and develop powerful strategies.

Insights to inform and validate category strategies by leveraging the annual Category Planning Guide and access to tactical tools and templates to support execution.
Unrivalled networking at the Indirect Category Leadership Forum

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