World Procurement Congress: Eva Wimmers on building procurement's brand.

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A great start to the World Procurement Congress. Eva Wimmers, SVP of group procurement at Deutsche Telekom kicks off the two-day event, with a call to action for taking purchasing forward in the future.


Interestingly, she started her talk by directing an arrow at the heart of procurement. Wimmers stated that buying isn’t about savings alone.


Business people outside the function have little conception about procurement. Where there is some level of understanding, it is often solely relates to negotiated savings.


The truth of the function is its ability to add value to the wider business. But, in order to deliver this, buyers need to win over stakeholders that are unsure over procurement’s role, let alone its benefit to the business.


To do this, Wimmers believes, buyers need to build a brand – much like consumer goods companies – to shape perceptions.


To build this credibility, there are our components needed to achieve this:

  1. Define values;
  2. Define USPs;
  3. Create a success roadmap; and
  4. Be interested – be a sparring partner.

The question that Wimmers asked the audience is ‘what is procurement’s power?’ Many believe that it lies in managing data and processes. In Deutsche Telekom procurement’s power lay in the securing the cohesion of working together and the value that is achieved from this.


But to get to this point, buyer need to build the credibility and brand to reach this status as business partner.

Jonathan Webb
Posted by Jonathan Webb

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