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Time for procurement to shout about its achievements

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Procurement has never been very good at shouting about its achievements. It doesn’t matter if they have saved millions of dollars or secured a ground-breaking innovation, they just never seem to make the same noise as other functions do.


The function has got quite far by not making much noise. In many businesses it has gone from a back-office operation, one that buys the stationary, to one that has a seat at the board and is at the strategic heart of the business. That move has been driven by its efforts to guide organisations through the troubled economic waters of the last decade.


But, if it doesn’t start shouting about its achievements, that position it has carved out for itself could start to slip as attention shifts away from cost savings to other initiatives.


To stop that from happening, the function needs to start shouting some more about its latest achievements.


Those who have picked up a trophy at the World Procurement Awards over the years have done just that.


Take technology firm Flex as an example. Tom Linton, Flex’s chief procurement and supply chain officer, and his team took home the Risk Mitigation Award in 2016 after completely overhauling its risk mitigation strategy. They shifted to an innovative three-pronged approach that allows the company to respond quickly and efficiently to disasters around the globe.


When an earthquake hit Japan in 2016 the new approach quickly alerted the team who were able to efficiently determine which customers, products and suppliers were affected, reducing the impact that the disaster could have had.


It is an approach that has made waves in the business.


The 2017 World Procurement Awards are fast approaching meaning that it is now your chance to get that recognition that you and your team deserve.


With 15 awards up for grabs in 20017 ranging from Procurement Leader to the best Procurement Team, this is a unique opportunity to benchmark your team against the very best as well as understand what other initiatives procurement is working on.

Procurement has a voice that deserves to be heard both inside and outside the business.


To find out more about the Awards or to enter click here.


This article is a piece of independent writing by a member of Procurement Leaders’ content team.

Rachel Sharp
Posted by Rachel Sharp