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Joining our membership will help you unlock the value of procurement within your business, with access to unique insight, an unrivalled global expert network and practical tools with advisory.

Members harness the collective expertise of a global community of leading practitioners and develop their own step-by-step blueprint for success.

Our membership includes:

  • Research and Insight

    Research and Insight

    Accelerate progress by making faster and more informed decisions

  • Tool and Advisory

    Tools and Advisory

    Take a practical and proven path to inspire success

  • Expert Network

    Expert Network

    Connect to a global network to boost innovation and validate ideas

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Procurement Excellence Framework

Our proprietary approach to accelerating functional maturity of all levels supports our members as they navigate the often nonlinear journey to excellence.

Our Procurement Excellence Framework will allow you to:

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    Form a tangible, output focused plan to understand what the best practices are, and to discover the next practices

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    Uncover the insights to give you the facts, the real, significant issues around that specific topic

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    Access the applications to support you and your team in building the necessary skillset and reduce the risk of getting it wrong

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Procurement Excellence Framework

Solving the most pressing procurement issues through three key channels:

Research and Insight

Research and Insight

Make more informed decisions with leading-edge research, benchmarks and best practices to streamline operations.

Strategy Reports

In-depth trends, analysis, predictions, and benchmarks to support strategic-planning efforts.

Category Research

Category-specific market intelligence and analysis to support planning across indirects.

Insights Now

Key findings and actionable takeaways from expert analysis of trends driving transformation.

Thought Leadership

Quarterly magazine, special reports and webinars with thought-provoking content from peers and experts.


Roadmaps to explain the different steps required to advance in key areas of the transformation journey.

Diagnostics & Benchmarks

Tools to assess functional maturity, diagnose capabilities and create a custom transformation roadmap.


Proven tools to guide strategy development and execution.

Advisory Services

Expert advice to help you identify priorities and strategies to drive business outcomes.

Tool and Advisory

Tools and Advisory

Transform faster with tools, diagnostics and frameworks for missioncritical processes that impact procurement’s contribution to the business.

Expert Network

Expert Network

Learn more together with an unrivalled network of 33,000+ senior leaders and 750+ leading global companies to ensure continuous functional improvement.

Case Studies

Learn from your peers through strategic and operational insights from across our network.

Member Exchanges

Problem solving through live, regional events, topic-specific virtual roundtables, one-toone member calls and online Collaborate platform.

Flagship Events

Live events with hundreds of global attendees, networking opportunities, visionary speakers, and diverse perspectives.


Platforms that bring together members to collaborate and share content on key areas of interest, such as Women Procurement Leaders and Future Procurement Leaders.

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