Digitalisation: Promise and delivery

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Research from Procurement Leaders reveals a gap between the promise of sophisticated digitalisation programmes and the results such initiatives deliver. This is a challenge procurement functions must address if they are to add strategic value over and above transactional value.


The promise of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotic process automation and advanced analytics is impossible to ignore – with the right approach and the right skills, procurement organisations can achieve the promised results.


This edition of Procurement Perspectives combines a distillation of the best in digitalisation thought leadership to have appeared in Procurement Leaders’ publications, coupled with the latest cutting-edge viewpoints.


Download Procurement Perspectives: Digitalisation – promise and delivery, to learn:

  • The opportunities that lie in wait for ambitious and technologically astute functions.
  • The areas in which the biggest gaps between procurement teams’ expectations and results exist.
  • The steps teams should take to ensure they deliver the promise of digitalisation.
Digitalisation: Promise and delivery