Insight: Procurement digitalisation

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As procurement’s list of objectives continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, most organisations are taking at least the first steps on their digital transformation journeys. Enhancing levels of digitalisation promises to help improve commercial effectiveness and agility by leveraging automation to free capacity and so allow procurement to focus on more strategic objectives.


Yet while the compelling range of benefits that organisations may potentially realise through a digital transformation are unquestionable, most face obstacles in the form of the technology they have selected or the talent at their disposal. In this whitepaper, published in association with Ivalua, Procurement Leaders speaks to leading CPOs to discover ways to overcome these barriers.


Download Procurement digitalisation to hear from a distinguished panel of experts, including CPOs of global enterprises and senior consultants, about: 

  • Ways procurement chiefs can effectively transform procurement into a strategic value driver.
  • Where leaders see the greatest potential to create value and a competitive advantage.
  • The approaches to people, process and technology leaders take to deliver an effective transformation.
  • The obstacles they have faced in their digital transformations steps others should take to overcome them.
Insight: Procurement digitalisation